Slurry Dealer Pack for FS 19 MODS

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Slurry Dealer Pack download free for Farming Simulator will allow you and your farm to do many things. Slurry Dealer Pack will give you four choices on machine and vehicle.

Slurry Dealer Pack is what you need for better gameplay in FS. This mod will give you four choices on items that you can use in your game.


This will be where you can store and take your slurry. This object will allow you to store more than 250000 slurries.

There will be more space for you to store your slurry. What you have to do is download and give your tools an update. FS 19 MOD will help you with that!


With this, you can refill your tank in no time. There will be fuels for you to choose from. You also need to pay for these fuels. They will not be for free.


Slurry Dealer Pack gives you this one so you can store all your dictate.

Easy and Profi animation will also support this one. You shall need it to make your game look as accurate as it can.

FS 19 Object

SLURRY EXPORT will be where you can sell all your stuff. And there will be a place for you to sell diestate and slurry. Enjoy what we add for you in this new game!


Author: TF 2020 MODS

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