Ursus 1204-1614 Pack for FS 19 MODS

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Ursus 1204-1614 Pack download free for Farming Simulator 19 will bring some new tractors for you. FS 19 Small Tractors will allow you to have more than one new vehicle.

Ursus 1204-1614 Pack is free. All the new machines in this mod will also come for free. Tractors in FS are very useful machines. You need them for a lot of work. This kind of machine will help you clean your field, gather your crops or ride you anywhere.

Ursus 1204-1614 Pack

42000 € will be how much you need to spend if you want to have this mod with you. The vehicle you might need will be updated for more features.

In this version you will see some new things such as:

  • New roof and doors effect. This will make your vehicle look more real.
  • The new icon in the store of all tractors from this mod will be adjusted.
  • FS 19 MOD gives you a new color for each machine where.
  • There will be some new exhaust that you can use for your machines too.

FS 19 Small Tractors

In the maximum power, this mod can give you 117 hp. Depending on this you can make your choice on tools for the tractor.

Wipers will also be updated for a better experience for players. Have fun and give us a comment for what you think about this mod!


Author: Kasztan18, Puszkap

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