Valzelli Pack for FS 19 MODS

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Valzelli Pack download free for Farming Simulator will come with two options. And depending on which one you choose, FS 19 Trailers will give you a different price.

Valzelli Pack is what you need for your farm. The machine we have right here will allow you to carry stuff.

The new loader will help you bring your crops, material, and also objects anywhere you like. You need to download and see how this new tool can work along with other machines.

Valzelli Pack

  • This one will come with a new wheel. This means you can make your choice on wheel and tire.
  • There will be more colors for you to choose beside the original color.
  • Decals will be what you can have in this new update. The decals will allow you to make some changes to the FS 19 Trailers outlook.
  • There will be new choices for you to make with the Hp of each machine.


It would be best if you made sure what you must-have for your farm. There will be some machines you might not need. So FS 19 MOD sometimes could be useless for your game.

This new mod will only add a tool for you. Payers need to buy another machine to use this trailer.

Valzelli will be the one who can give you this mod. Come and have more downloads with the mod!


Author: Mirozed

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