Westbridge Hills for FS 19 MODS

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Westbridge Hills download free for Farming Simulator will bring you a small map. This FS 19 Map can help you to build a small and simple farm. Mastering it will help you in later play!

Westbridge Hills is one of the best maps we can send you. This map contains some minor features that you might need for your new farm.

Even when this map was made in 2013, we still have a lot of ideas that have never been shown on this map yet. You can download the update and then enjoy what is inside this new mod.

Westbridge Hills

  • 21 fields: this will be the first one you can have. These fields will allow you to plant your crops and make money for your farm.
  • Spaces are added to this new mod. There will be more places for you to explore.
  • Seasons are ready for you. These new seasons were added to help the player enjoy their gameplay better. The season will also come with challenges.

FS 19 Map:

  • Seed Factory is now added to the game.
  • Vegetable Warehouse is now uploaded for you.
  • Spinnery is one of the best things we can give your farm.
  • Factories Pack will be sent to you too. This new pack allows you to make more money.
  • FS 19 MOD page is ready. This page will give you mods, updates, and anything else you need.


Author: Vanquish081

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